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Masters Hall of Fame Nomination

by Don Franks on 06/24/10

Mixed Martial Arts Conditioning Association

by Don Franks on 04/17/10

The MMACA or Mixed Martial Arts Conditioning Association is affiliated thought the peronal training certification program NESTA.   When I saw an advertisement months ago I became very interested in the program.   The association is compiled of some of the best trainers and MMA athletes in world. I recently took the test and passed so I'm happy to say I'm now certified.  The classes include biology, anatomy, kinesiology, nutrition, conditioning, and physiology among others.  It also teaches teachniques for training and competition.   Overall, it is a very good program and probably one of the hardest tests I've ever taken.  I'm looking forward to utilizing what I've learned in our classes. 

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

by Don Franks on 04/05/10

I started doing Brazilian Jiu Jitsu a few years ago and I became addicted.  No seriously, ADDICTED.  I traveled everywhere to train with the best instructors in the world, signed up on every newsletter, joined online training groups, bought a hundred videos and trained 4-5 times a week for the first couple years.  Then...I tore my bicep and labrum (shoulder).  I did a lot of rehab myself to the point where is doesn't bother me much but I definately feel it about once a day.   I need surgery but I'm holding off until I can take some time to do the surgery.  I'm still training but nothing like I did before and have been really focusing on technique.  My friends always say "Dude what are you doing?".   If I didn't do BJJ, or any martial arts for that matter, I would not be the person I am today.  It keeps me sane, literally.  When I'm training I do not think about anything except the task at hand. I believe with all the stress in life you have to do something to take your mind away, if only for an hour a day.  

I'm in Utah training with Professor Eddie Edmunds who is my BJJ instuctor.  We worked on leg locks today, something I do not practice often so it is a treat.  Leg locks are cool because they are always there.  I don't recommened someone just starting BJJ doing them because of apparent injuries but they sure are fun when you know what to do and when to do it.  Most times when I train with Eddie he has one of his students train with me.  In the martial arts world there are a lot of egos, and his students welcome me with open arms.  The way every teacher, student or school should be..

03/26/10 Canemaster Black Belt Test

by Don Franks on 03/28/10

After a lot of private lessons with both Jay Cooper and Master Jose Isidro, I tested for my Black Belt with Master Mark Shuey from the American Canemaster systems today.  Being in the senior business, this will give me an opportunity to help seniors with both self defense and physical fitness.  It takes a "medical device" that is seen as a disability aide and turns it into something very empowering.  Not to mention it is the only "weapon" you can carry with you across the globe.  Because you can't carry your samuari sword or Escrima sticks, it is the next best thing.  Master Shuey is not only a great teacher but a really nice person as well. 


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